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At Dragon heating and cooling services we pride ourselves on being able to offer cost effective infrastructure support while offering the utmost quality of service.

As REFCOM certified and Gas Safe Registered contractors, we can undertake all areas of installation, maintenance, and repairs to your wet and dry Heating, cooling and chilled systems.

With over 25 years of experience in the gas and HVAC industry, we have accumulated vast experience on all types of boilers, Space heaters, controls, various wet and dry systems and infrastructure. Our expert engineers are your one stop shop. Beginning with consultancy and design to install, service and repairs.

In line with our company philosophy we aim to provide a true preventative maintenance schedule rather than simply ‘maintain your plant until it breaks’ which has widely become the norm.

The long term savings of our proactive approach may not always be apparent at first, but in most trading or manufacturing environments, a day of downtime will often cost a company more in lost revenue than a year of maintenance on the offending plant.

Space Heating

• Installation, repair, servicing, planned preventative maintenance.
• Radiant tube and plaque heaters.
• High level and floor mounted warm air heaters.
• Flueing and ventilation systems.
• Heat exchangers and wet systems.

Package Burners and Boilers

• Installation, repair, servicing, planned preventative maintenance.
• Package burners and modular boilers.
• Cascade boiler chains, low loss headers, and associated plant.
• Modulating and weather compensation.
• Single boiler or site maintenance schedules.

Plant rooms, Pipework and Controls

• Installation, repair, servicing, planned preventative maintenance.
• Pumps, motorised valves, and autofill units.
• Programmers, BMS controls, zone controls and sensors.
• System water analysis and chemical treatment.
•Thermal imaging for heat loss and fault diagnosis.

Hot and Cold Water Systems

• Installation, repair, servicing, planned preventative maintenance.
• Gas fired water heaters and calorifiers.
• Secondary flow and return hot water systems.
• Direct, indirect, and unvented systems.
• Single and multipoint water heaters.
• Cold water storage tanks, cleaning and chemical treatment.

Dragon Heating and Cooling Services

We are focused on providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers.

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